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Technical Co-Founders for Hire

So, what exactly is a technical cofounder?

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At Wilder Innovation, we help management teams navigate some of the most critical transitions of a companies technology journey. From getting a prototype out the door, to making your first key hire or scaling your team - we've got your back.

With decades of software development and delivery experience at every stage of the software development life cycle, our partners have mastered the craft of delivering business value through innovation. We've helped startups get from zero to one, have taken companies public, pivoted traditional businesses to SaaS, and have driven organizational change at numerous publicly traded companies.

We're here to partner with you to help achieve your technology goals, whatever stage you're at. We'd love to hear what you're working on. Get in touch!

We're Hiring!

We're looking for talented, enthusiastic, and passionate engineers and designers to join our team. If that sounds like you then we would like to hear from you. To be part of our team, please send your resume to [email protected]