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The Problem

Recruiters often struggle to provide added value to clients beyond traditional staffing services. Many clients also lack the technical expertise necessary to make the right technology decisions, especially when it comes to their first tech hires.

Our Solution

We can help recruiters expand their product offering and provide clients with interim CTO services and guidance for their first tech hires. With our expertise, recruiters can differentiate themselves in the market and offer more value to clients.

  • Help recruiters understand their clients' technology needs and offer advice on the right technology stack for their business
  • Offer interim CTO services to guide clients through their first tech hires and ensure they're on the right track
  • We can help your clients gain confidence in their first hires by providing technical assessments and vetting candidates
  • Serve as a trusted advisor for technology decisions, ensuring clients make informed choices that align with their business goals
  • Provide mentorship and support for both recruiters and their clients, ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to succeed in the competitive tech landscape

We partner with recruiters who with long-standing relationships with founders, funds, and management teams.

We are always looking for new recruiting partners to join our network. If you are a recruiting firm or a staffing agency and would like to join our network, get in touch!

Why partner with us?

Our clients often transition from using development shops to bringing on full time talent, and experience periods of rapid growth. We work with our preferred recruiting partners to find candidates for our network companies.

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