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Process Engineering

What Got You Here Won't Get You There

The engineering process is fluid and varies company to company, stage to stage and sometimes team to team.

From the time you're building a prototype to the time you bringing on full time engineers and scaling up, code changes hands many times.

The engineering culture needs to evolve at every step of the journey to ensure a smooth transition. We'll help ensure you have the right amount of process at the right time to maintain velocity as you grow.

We'll help you tune your engineering culture and set the right levels for things like:

  • Unit testing
  • Code reviews
  • Build automation
  • Source control
  • Secrets & configuration management
  • Technical documentation
  • Standups & general meeting cadence
  • One pagers
  • Issue tracking
  • Design & requirements documentation
  • Agile ceremonies such as planning, standups, and retrospectives
  • Code quality tradeoffs

At the right times, we'll introduce things like:

  • Coding standards and practices
  • Application monitoring to ensure your sites are alive and well
  • Adequate code coverage to ensure application stability
  • Measurement tools to keep an eye on team velocity
  • Compliance & security controls

We've helped teams migrate from monolithic architectures to micro-services and we've helped with the cultural transition into a DevOps organization. We've also helped teams who went too far and too fast into micro-services, and helped consolidate to gain back lost velocity.

No matter the size of the org we'll see where your teams are on on their journey, help find what works, and steer them in the right direction.

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