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Solution Design

Solution design defines a system's architecture, structure, components, and other characteristics.

Design and architecture are challenging because it is a process of balancing many different factors. A software architect's primary responsibility is making design decisions to consider all trade-offs. A system built with little or no design will be a system that is difficult to maintain, extend, and scale. That can and has led to the failure of many software projects and companies. But on the other hand, a thoughtful design establishes a strong foundation that will allow your solution to grow and adapt to changing needs and is critical to the success of all systems.

Solution design can be a simple process. Wilder Innovation follows the just enough architecture philosophy, where we establish:

  • a simple-as-possible technology stack appropriate for your use case and tech talent available in your area
  • an architecture appropriate for the business needs
  • an extensible application design
  • coding standards to keep the codebase maintainable and more accessible to new team members
  • a testable system design to ensure that developers can test their work for new defects and to help prevent regressive bugs
  • a data model that can withstand changes over time
  • discoverability and monitoring so that you know when something is wrong
  • easy deployment so that your team can iterate quickly

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