Our Services

Organizational Design

Our team has worked with startups from pre-seed through initial public offering and have helped enterprises through many realignments.

We'll help ensure your engineering organization is running lean and effective with clear lines of accountability while mitigating risk.

Our bread and butter is ensuring every team member is working on something that will move the needle. We help product and engineering teams work together in lock-step and identify where technical investments have drifted too far from the value chain.

We help ensure your tech team is working on advancing your business goals with the right level of support in place for the long term health of the organization.

Some specific ways we help are:

  • Aligning teams to support stakeholders with competing priorities
  • Building and establishing effective cross-functional teams
  • Working with offshore teams, navigating time zone and cultural challenges and working relationships with on-shore
  • Detecting teams created through business shifts, attrition, or other means who aren't helping move the needle
  • Identifying and re-shaping teams that have become too management heavy and have lost effectiveness
  • Create clear lines of accountability, system ownership, and clear up any delivery bottlenecks

We'll help give you an objective outsiders perspective, diagnose issues, and help you come up with pragmatic remediation solutions.